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With tax season right around the corner…

Former IRS agent Joe Banister and Congressman Ron Paul speaking on CNBC in 2007 about income taxes and the beefing up of the Internal Revenue Service:

They’re right, ya know.  Besides, maybe if our government didn’t have so much of our damn money it couldn’t afford to wage wars all over the Middle East.  Maybe we the people would then be able afford to pay reasonable amounts for goods and services in order to better support our local economies and give rise to a renaissance of small business creation and self-employment.  This idea is not so far-fetched.  Prior to this past century self-employment was the norm for many Americans, as remains true for recent immigrants.  We seem to be under this crazy assumption these days that we depend on major corporations and government for job creation.  The point is if we had access to more of the income we earn, that money could be used for more fruitful ventures than doing corporate bidding abroad or lining the pockets of fat-cat bankers with first dibs on government bailout funds (i.e., our money freely handed over without strings attached).  What we have going on in recent decades is bullshit, plain and simple.

In early 2010, the Associated Press reported that the IRS intends to raise standards on tax preparation by requiring preparers register with the government and basically pledge allegiance to whatever “ethics code” they devise:

Not to be missed! — former IRS agent Sherry Jackson speaks out (Part 1):

(Part 2):

See the IRS Commissioner dodge questions on the legality of the income tax:

An excerpt from Aaron Russo’s film “America: Freedom to Fascism” on IRS fraud:

Another excerpt of Aaron Russo interviewing former Chief Counsel and IRS Commissioner Sheldon Cohen:

To be continued another day…

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