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Reality-checking in modern times

Unlocking more secrets to this amazing universe

Ever heard of a tesseract? It’s a relevant concept in questions pertaining to the fourth dimension and spacetime, which is what I’m inquiring into this breezy Sunday morning. Looking upon that rotating graphic I am transfixed in awe. Home-schooling ’til I die!   Knowledge is power, and power to the people!  Oh yes, I’m feeling […]

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Sun, October 21 2012 » Bob's World, Education and Academics, Nature & The Animal Kingdom, Science & Technology, Spiritual Inquiry, Words & Labels » No Comments

Atheism, altered?

To begin with, Matt Dillahunty and Jay Lucas pitch terrific arguments on the existence of the Christian god: What blessed but strange times we live in. Sliding into the 21st century, bickering all the way, blaming one another for so many problems. Unable to come together and figure out what we at least can agree […]

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Sat, October 13 2012 » Discussion, Modern Politics & Governance, Myths & Metaphors, Race & Ethnic Relations, Religions & Dogma, Science & Technology, Sex & Gender, Social Commentary, Spiritual Inquiry, Words & Labels » No Comments

What it means to be God

“God” represents the unknown, that beyond our current comprehension. In the past, more was attributed to the workings of gods of one religion or another. Illnesses science now provides an understanding of were previously blamed on the chicanery of evil spirits or a “devil,” not unlike how weather phenomena were believed to be influenced through […]

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Tue, July 10 2012 » Greed & Economics, Humanity & History, Modern Politics & Governance, Myths & Metaphors, Philosophy, Psychology, Religions & Dogma, Social Commentary, Spiritual Inquiry, War & Violence, Words & Labels » No Comments


Reverend Billy explaining his Earthalujah movement: This man is one of my heroes.

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Mon, June 25 2012 » Civil Rights & Justice, Environment & Sustainability, Greed & Economics, Love & Social Evolution, Modern Politics & Governance, Philosophy, Religions & Dogma, Social Commentary, Spiritual Inquiry, Words & Labels » No Comments

Getting beyond politics

Politics is not the cure-all people envision it to be.  The original purpose of politics is to create a forum within a civilized society for conflict resolution, but we have departed far from this original intent and now risk dividing our society into irrational ideological factions (as is indeed well underway).  Rather than finding ways […]

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Sun, February 27 2011 » Civil Rights & Justice, Discussion, Environment & Sustainability, Govt Agencies & Law Enforcement, Greed & Economics, Humanity & History, Labor & the Workforce, Modern Politics & Governance, Propaganda & Media, Psychology, Race & Ethnic Relations, Science & Technology, Social Commentary, War & Violence, Words & Labels » No Comments

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